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Optimus Prime incarnation Butler Sonny 790T customized floor sweeper rating

No matter what age, have a group of people, they are adventurous, pursue a better quality of life. Today we live in the era of intelligent robots have become the future trend of development in the future they will go into every household, better service people’s lives, so that people’s lives more comfortable and healthy. A few years ago, who had possession of a sweeper, it is the era of beach goers, like the 90s Chuaizhe run the streets as mobile people envy. However, with the quality of sweeping robots rising and the price of gradually “civilians”, sweeping robots have become one of the fastest and most popular electrical appliances in smart homes. There are indications that sweeping robots are in explosive sales growth, and the face of universal penetration is just around the corner.
Pu Sonny Ke 790T Transformers 5 Authorized Edition floor sweeping robot
Sonny is in the Pu gram evergreen sweeping machine industry for many years, as the focus on the sweeping machine R & D and production enterprise for many years, both in the Pu Sonny grams sweeping machine technology or channel coverage are so many other brands can offer.
Appearance list
As an upgraded version of the 780T upgrade, this evaluation of 790T, like the previous generation of products, equipped with the iPNAS four phase smart cleaning system and the whole house wireless carrier positioning navigation system. Built in ARM9 chip, quick operation cleaning line, 180mL large capacity water tank can be cleaned for 90 minutes, providing comprehensive cleaning performance of suction and sweeping. 790T compared to the previous product the biggest upgrade is equipped with a dual detection device, combined with the bionic ultrasonic radar and infrared detecting device, make cleaning more accurate, the cleaning rate is higher, then look at PU Sonny g 790T “Transformers 5” authorized version of this product specific performance.

How do you choose? We have a list of the following sweeper lists for your reference

Sweep the floor appears to be a very simple household chores, but as a social work has been out of office workers, I for the word “good” is a special feeling. Indeed, many of my friends complain to me that I can’t afford the time to clean up. Our suggestion is that the flowers should be spent decisively. You may consider making sweeping robots help us reduce the burden of housework.
Recommended products: Proscenic, Summer, P1S
818 fever Festival price: 1399 yuan
Proscenic Summer P1S sweeping machine can sweep and can wipe, meet the full range of user needs cleaning, add the following functions: iPNAS intelligent cleaning system, wireless indoor positioning system, using the fast sweeping line ARM9 chip, high precision gyroscope linear unbiased air cleaning, now suning.com sale price shock, only 1399 yuan.

Mop and broom sweeping robot is recommended to say goodbye

With the growing popularity of smart home concept, in the future, be at home in addition to eat to the mouth, there may be no other own business. So, one point one, no exaggeration, take sweeping machine for, whether it is hair, food residue, or dust, or oil stains and other stubborn stains, handed over to the sweeper can easily get. Even the daily charge does not need to start, in short, is how lazy you can do, and give the sweeper.
Haier (Haier) J3000B blue Yue S intelligent sweeping robot
Recommended reasons:
The Haier J3000B sweeper is an ordinary floor sweeper, although it’s not expensive, but it’s very functional. Its body is small, supports sweeping and mopping at the same time, 500 square meters of wet mop with 180ml capacity storage equipment, fully meet the daily needs.
Four cruise cleaning mode, and can fix all corners of stains, but also the timing appointment cleaning. The endurance level is also very good, with two thousand Ma battery, battery life up to two hours.
Ecovacs (Ecovacs) S (CEN540-LG) treasure mirror sweeping robot

Smart, traditional love, killing, sweeping machine, remote control, really useless

Parties, shopping, part…… This is the workers some of the weekend, but the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, a week of work time has caused a “home pig nest” form, how can I go “waves”? So excellent weekend time basically handed over to the housework, especially the ground cleaning work, sweep, drag, wipe a set down, weekend time has basically been half of the past, many people shouted: “good weekend?” It seems that the liberation of both hands is a pressing matter.
Great weekend days were delayed by household chores, and good weekend days were delayed by household chores
Here, as I had to edit the appliances you recommend sweeping robot (feel shy: occupation disease), the intelligent home appliances is indeed a good “family nanny”, but as they are crowding out the traditional cleaning concept is still very much, sweeping robot misunderstood, is fresh technology of time verification can be accepted? Jobs and his apple Empire brought about the boom in the smartphone industry, and the emergence of WiFi accelerated the development of the Internet. Now, is the appearance of sweeping robots just as changing their lives as they do? If you think about whether you should buy it or not, then you’re really OUT!

How to make your home sweeping robot no longer retarded? Choose them

[PConline audition shopping guide] recently, some netizens in micro-blog released a story about sweeping robot experience, the general experience of God caused hot net friend.
@ village Huai tree Jing released in August 3rd micro-blog said, do not know what other people’s sweeping robot, but his sweeping robot was artificially retarded! One day while full house slippers to walk, which is caught on the card to walk, and then stop to the pad information, said the treasure is in distress, treasure no power to starve to death……
The net friend laments that with this sweeping robot, he will clean up the room more often than he did before, because it will empty all the obstacles. But it always want to climb down the chair legs and incorrigible, intelligent home appliances that is bought oneself spend several thousand.
Net friend echoed the sound is quite warm, can be described as empathy.
In this regard, the effect of sweeping robots really so unbearable? The author believes that this is not to buy the right product, or that it must be used in the wrong way. According to our evaluation products, most of the sweeping robot experience is good, the cleaning process can be seen, intimate and convenient, enough to reduce the majority of the user’s ground cleaning burden. Taking advantage of Su Ning 818 fever Festival, I recommend a few very word-of-mouth products.
Recommended products: Ai Robert (iRobot) Roomba 880
818 fever Festival price: 3380 yuan
The first is the iRobot family service robot famous, in our multi period comparison Hengping, iRobot sweeping robot outstanding performance from the sweep rate of coverage of a number of important test aspects are off the opponent so I left a deep impression, the author recommended (iRobot) Roomba 880, Suning the lowest price is only 3380 yuan.

Sweeping machine development in 2017

Home sweeping robot in the past few years is very hot, the past two years, especially in Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, vip.com such electricity supplier class platform sales hot. Perhaps in one or two years ago, everyone on the round shape, suck sweep small things on the floor feel strange. She must have known her existence for one or two years. According to statistics, sweeping robots in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen family share reached 30%.
However, the domestic household intelligent sweeping robot manufacturers technical level uneven, with many domestic household intelligent sweeping robot has stopped at the IQ of only 50 points fail stage does not sweep clean, rattling, blocking, fault time. This allows intelligent sweeping robots to become chicken. Lamented that home intelligent sweeping robot IQ is not enough.
Face the user’s needs, realize the intelligent home sweeping robot, really intelligent, let the home intelligent sweeping robot has the same thinking ability, this must be the 2017 domestic sweeping robot development trend. Two years ago, the cat smart appliances in the establishment of R & D path navigation Home sweeping robot team. Technology departments continue to research and development, and truly path planning home sweeping robot finally developed successfully. The main use of exciting navigation technology, two-dimensional modeling, so that intelligent home sweeping robot first bow shaped line, and then choose to sweep along the wall, and then go bow line, and finally back to the charging base charging.
Sweeper has the advantage of home sweeping robots with path planning. It also reduces repetitive cleaning, saves energy and increases battery life. Therefore, the intelligent sweeper produced by our family has a life expectancy of 30% higher than that of its counterparts, and it can be realized absolutely. At the same time, let you no longer Tucao your home sweeping robot iq.
As people become more and more busy, they are eager to arrive at the real age of intelligence, relying on tools to ease the burden of housework. With road navigation, memory, planning home intelligent sweeping robot, robot is bound to be the development trend in 2017. As the ten year sweeper robot research and development manufacturer, cat smart appliances, on behalf of the latest generation of sweeping robot sail. Certainly not your trust.

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